Journal Entry – Feb 6

I’m at work right now, today my job is to answer the phones, which is fine because it’s slow right now. I’ve discovered a pet peeve while answering the phones today. Why do people return a call from a missed call without ever checking if there is a message first? I get so many “I got a missed call from this number”. Now, I can understand returning a missed call if it is a friend’s number, but why would you call back a missed call from an unknown number? If a message wasn’t left, it was likely a wrong number.

I remember reading something a while ago, a man dialed a number, realized it was a wrong number after getting a girl’s voicemail. He hung up without leaving a message. Later that day he got an angry call from the girl’s mother calling him all manner of pervert for daring to call her daughter and if he ever dared call her again the police would become involved. Ridiculous, right?

This brings me back to my phone call. Most businesses have a central switchboard and then personal extensions. When someone calls out, unless the employee is lucky enough to have a direct line, it will show the main phone number for the company. When I answer the phone I can’t help if you say “Oh, I got a missed call from this number” so please don’t go off on me when I ask if a message was left. Replying “If there was a message left I wouldn’t have had to call you back now would I?” really doesn’t help me and just makes me want to hang up on you. I don’t, which I consider a testament to my self control. I polite ask that you check your messages and to call back when you know who wanted to speak to you. Randomly throwing out names wastes my time and yours, so please, Just check your messages and let us all get on with our lives.

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2 Responses to Journal Entry – Feb 6

  1. isabella333 says:

    Really enjoyed reading your blog Ronna. Unfortunately I’m one of the guilty ones who will return a missed call without bothering to check the message first. I’m just lazy that way and guilty as charged. 🙂

    • rohkeia says:

      Knowing you, I’m sure you’re polite. It’s the people who expect you to stay on the line and figure out who it was that called them and what it would be about, and are rude about it on top of that that the rant was truly about 🙂

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