What the H.E.Double Hockey Sticks is with the Wages!?

I am glad I live in Canada, but Australia would be better.

Begin Rant.

I’m not usually one to comment on political matters, but this man makes me crazy!  To argue that raising the minimum wage would in effect raise the unemployment rate by making it harder for small employers to hire is crazy judging from the really quick research I’ve done online.  If someone has information that refutes my research, please feel free to post it.


Boner.. I mean Boehner says unemployment would rise if the US rasies the min wage. I just did a quick 15 minute search using Canada and Australia, just because both use dollar and are close to par with the US.
Australia – Unemployment is 5.4% as of Jan 2013.  Min Wage for full time workers $15.51/hour – Universal Health care
Canada – Unemployment is 7.1% as of Dec 2012.  Min Wage for adults varies per province but the lowest is Saskatchewan at $9.50/hr – Universal Healthcare
US – Unemployment is 7.9% as of Dec 2012.  Min Wage for Adults is $7.25/hour unless you are a worker who receives tips, then the min wage is $2.13/hour, the rest coming from tips.  If the tips do not cover the balance, the employer must pay the balance up to the minimum wage. – No Universal Health Care.

Does anyone else see the disparity here?

That wait staff receive a lower wage simply because they could potentially receive tips boggles my mind!  When I’m in the States I will definitely tip well, because that could be the difference between feeding themselves and their families or going to bed hungry.  I understand that tips should be based on service received,  but to think in the 21st century that “the richest country in the world” would pay such a pittance to those in the service industry and not even supply the most basic in health care for those who serve your food or carry your bags hurts my brain.

Rant Done.

Another link supporting what I’m saying, but with more research behind it.

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