Kidney March 2014 is almost here, and fundraising is HARD!

I said I’d keep everyone posted on my progress through the year.  I’m apparently VERY bad at that.  My last post was in September last year and the March will happen in just over a month.  I’m not sure what I figured would happen when I started this particular journey.  Maybe I thought people would just fall all over themselves to donate to this cause.  While my cause is worthy, so is everyone else’s cause, and sometimes there isn’t enough money to go around to all the places you would like to donate, and really, I think I assumed everything would fall into place without much trying.  (Newsflash:  this was one of my more idiotic thoughts, please don’t follow my example).

I’m now scrambling to complete my $2500 goal in just over a month.  To that end, this last weekend I had a table at a arts & crafts trade show where I sold some of my photographs as well as Avon products.  The endeavour was a resounding failure in terms of money, but I did network, and met some people from the other tables, some of them work with fundraising!  Business cards were exchanged (ok, really I just took business cards, as i don’t have any yet).  Tonight I have a meeting with a lovely woman who will give me information on a fundraiser.  I will post all the information once I have it.

On other fundraising fronts, for those of you who live in the States, we have three gift certificates from Plum Portland currently being raffled.  If you’ve never had Plum, you really should try it. The gift certificates worth $35.00 are being raffled off at $20.00 each and include shipping anywhere in the continental US.  The raffle will be held on August 15.

Plum Gift Certificate





All proceeds from this raffle will go to support my Kidney March.

You can enter into the raffle, by donating to my Kidney March page (which is also tax deductible) or you can enter though PayPal here.  My email address is

Thank you so much for supporting my Kidney March.

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