Social? Not so much, but I try!

I’m not a social person. I don’t think I ever have been. Which is funny considering the career I’ve chosen. I work as an office admin and marketing manager for a real estate and property management company.

As an office admin I answer the phones and greet and help people who come in the office. As Marketing Manager I am responsible for the company brand continuity and visibility on the internet as well as engaging viewer/fans on social media.

There are times when I figure I’m doing all right, then I hit a wall. I move like a marionette with tangled strings, my tongue twists and incoherent sounds come out of my mouth. These are the times, that if I can I just sit at my desk and just keep my mouth shut.

I’ve learned how to deal with it at work, but I don’t socialize outside of work very often, and as a result I invariably end up embarrassing myself, even if I think I’m the only one who realizes I’ve been a social dumbass, though I’m probably not.

The holiday season is coming up on all of us, and as a result there are office and house parties galore.  I have at least two I’m going to, where I hope I don’t make excuses an hour into it and run away home, but I probably will at least once.

Why am I telling you all this, you ask?  Why thank you for asking!  First and foremost I’m writing for all the other socially awkward people out there; you are not alone. Second, everyone please be kind.  It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there, knowing from past experience that a foot will end up in a mouth, or clumsiness will suddenly appear and you will end up spilling someone else’s drink all over another someone else.

I’m not stuck up, or a snob. I’m just trying to preserve my dignity. I’ll nod and smile while you talk because I just don’t know what to say and sometimes don’t figure what I have to say is all that interesting (that’s a confidence thing for a WHOLE other post).

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