Writing on Stone Provincial Park – Unofficial like page

Welcome Placard

Welcome to Writing on Stone

Every year my partner and I travel down to Writing on Stone Provincial Park for some spiritual healing I guess you could call it.  The area, called Áísínaipi in the First Nation language of Niitsítapi (Blackfoot, Siksika) which means “it is pictured/written” and is still held sacred.  It’s not an overly populated park, and still maintains that feeling of holiness and sacredness.  The hoodoos, which to us look like tiny villages, are centuries old and in some cases are protected by Park Services because of the delicate nature of the pictographs.  You can still find pictographs in unprotected areas, but in most cases are very faint due to erosion and vandalism.  Writing on Stone is more than just a First Nation or Native American Sacred Site, it is also a way to connect with family with camping grounds and picnic sites.  To visit the protected areas, there are guided tours from late spring to early autumn.  I’ve included a slide show of my visits to Writing on Stone.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We haven’t been there for a while, so maybe this year I’ll be able to add to my pictures and perhaps my own video of the park.


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