About Roh

Writing on Stone (48)

I’m a born and raised Calgarian, apparently a rare breed in this city.  I’ve lived and traveled through most of Canada in my life, but have always come back home.  I’ve had a lot of different jobs in my life, from nanny to telemarketer, Walmart associate to member services for a time share vacation club, revenue support for a global e-marketing company to receptionist to finally a Marketing Manager for a small property management and real estate brokerage.  All this is not including my time as a temp and all those jobs one has when they’re younger.

I’m married (finally) to my lovely long time partner who has put up with me for decades and I think we had one of the longest engagements known to man, or woman.  We love spontaneous road trips, watching movies, gaming and after more than 25 years together we still find hours slip by when we just sit and talk to each other.

I’ve started a journal, probably the first in my life, so we’ll see how that goes.  Live Life, Love Life!


2 Responses to About Roh

  1. Sue says:

    Spontaneous road trips…. you must come up one time so I can feed you guys. (bacon and cheese without nuts)

  2. rohkeia says:

    Mmmmmmm… bacony cheese goo!

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